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Do you wish you could live a pain-free life on YOUR terms, not dictated by the awful symptoms of your disease?
Do you want to clear up the confusion on what you should be doing to get yourself feeling better than ever?
If so, then I honestly feel you are in the right place, and I look forward to helping you the best I can.

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About Ravi & Mallika

Mallika Allu and Ravi Jandhyala are passionate speakers, health advocates and Wellness consultants.

Motivated by immense passion for healthy eating and healthy living, they deeply care about the wellbeing of people.

Both the authors have spent their time being busy ascending the ladders of corporate world and in the process put their physical, emotional and mental health in the backseat like many of us.



Very Berry Smoothie Bowl

If there is one food group with incredible health benefits from preventing heart attack, cancer, dementia to protecting you from the flu. Berries. Rich in phytochemicals, the naturally occurring nutrients that protect cells from damage. They boost immunity and calm...

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Detox with a Nourishing Salad

I cannot emphasize the importance of greens in our daily life. Here is one salad recipe that will keep you full, energetic and light at the same time. Simple Green Salad Recipe: Spinach Kale Chards Cilantro Lettuce Yellow and Orange Peppers Onion Tomato Soaked Chia...

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Refreshing Juices

Betty Red Pear Beets contain fiber and potassium and an excellent source of folate. The red pigment (betacyanin) helps protect against cancerous cells and calms inflammation associated with heart disease. Pears are a good source of fiber and vitamins B2, C, E, Copper...

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Boost your Vitality with Living Foods

Eating living food is the key to vibrant health. Can you guess who the king of breakfasts is - Not oatmeal, not cereals, not porridges. It is "Sprouts". Sprouting can be thought of as a long and time taking process but in reality, you do not even spend much time to...

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