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Mallika Allu and Ravi Jandhyala are passionate speakers, health advocates and Wellness consultants.

Motivated by immense passion for healthy eating and healthy living, they deeply care about the wellbeing of people.

Both the authors have spent their time being busy ascending the ladders of corporate world and in the process put their physical, emotional and mental health in the backseat like many of us.

This took a toll on Mallika’s health and she was soon victim of a chronic degenerative disease “Ulcerative Colitis”.

Severe inflammation ravaged her body, stripped all her energy and left her in despair. With each passing day she had difficulty even going through daily activities. Medical doctors and professionals insisted on immunosuppressants and steroids to keep her inflammation in check and finally suggested to surgically remove her gut to resolve the issue.

“Why me?” was the question that came to their minds many times.

Aarya, their toddler, to be taken care of, and to be provided with a fabulous life, was a strong motivation that had driven them to desperately take charge of their own health.

Frustrated with often contradicting and confusing nutritional advices, the authors researched medical journals and found the associations with ancient roots. This knowledge helped Mallika immensely in reversing her autoimmune disease. Later the authors coached their friends and family to successfully apply the same strategy to help them reverse their afflictions like Diabetes, High blood pressure, High cholesterol and Crohn’s disease.

Authors soon started to connect the dots and realized how miraculous human body is. It can self heal itself from most of the ailments when provided with proper nutrition, balanced emotions, healthy habits and toxic cleansing.

Authors wanted to spread this phenomenal knowledge to help people embrace health and put an end to their suffering and hence decided to write a book. In the process of writing this book, the authors have also interviewed a number of experts in the field of health and personality development and incorporated all their wisdom. They found that for overall well being for an individual there are four fundamental principles.

  • Healthy Eating
  • Healthy Environment
  • Healthy Emotions
  • Healthy Habits

The authors believe that Ignorance of health will lead to disease and in this book “The (Ignored) Truth about Health” they provide readers a roadmap and all the necessary knowledge with a step by step strategy that can be followed to attain maximum health

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