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Are you vexed with all the nutrition and diet related advices controversies?

Did you ever wonder why there is an epidemic of chronic illnesses off late?

Do you think there might be some lifestyle choices that contribute to health, wealth and prosperity?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a users manual on how we should live to attain the maximum potential in life? after all, we get it for every tool we purchase and our body is the best tool we can invest on, ever.

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Eating right in this new age has become more and more complicated with conflicting

health advices and a myriad of diets, mainly attributed to the commercialization and

industrialization of food. Our indoor environments are becoming more and more toxic

with a flurry of unregulated chemicals introduced in our cosmetics, packaged foods,

cleaning supplies, tools and furnitures. With our busy 9-5 work schedules, our focus has

mainly been on the job and our health and relations are being put in the backseat.

Making healthy choices and establishing appropriate habits is crucial for overall health and personality development.

In this book The (Ignored) Truth about Health the authors Ravi Jandhyala and Mallika Allu simplify the process of taking daily decisions about food we eat, the environment we live in, the habits we form and managing our emotions. It empowers the readers with the knowledge needed to lead a healthy and vibrant life. This is not yet another nutritional book with a fad diet. While there are books individually focussed on either health, toxins, habits or emotions, it is irrefutable that it is necessary to consider all these aspects for a happy and healthy life.

You will learn step by step simple, easy to follow, scientifically proven strategies for the four fundamental pillars of health

  1. Healthy Eating
  2. Healthy Environment
  3. Healthy Habits and
  4. Healthy Emotions

in simple everyday language.

If you are desperate to take control of your health, shed those extra pounds or get rid of inflammation and pesky joint pains, or want a solution for the ever demanding diabetes, blood pressure and other chronic illness, or if you are looking for the best version of you, then this book is for you. It is great for health conscious people, busy 9-5 office goers, moms, athletes and even doctors who want to supplement their regular treatment for effective results

What you will learn in this book

  • Strategize for optimal weight and maintain it for the rest of life.
  • Conquer inflammation and Chronic illness with scientifically proven ways.
  • Avoid the need for prescription medication by taking charge of your health.
  • Transform into a juggernaut of energy by busting fatigue, depression and anxiety.
  • Create phenomenal success in your overall well being by boosting your health and productivity with healthy habits followed by the industry leaders.
  • Create insurmountable passion, creativity and hunger for excellence with more inward introspection and meditation
  • Discover crucial measures to reduce risk of Cancer

The key to wellness starts with taking personal responsibility towards health

What you will learn in this book

  • How even someone like me with severe inflammation and chronic illness was able to self heal with an easy to follow step by step system put together in this book.
  • Understanding the basics of health, what causes sickness and the magnificent power of body to self heal.
  • How to stop managing disease and start conquering it. Embrace good health.
  • Untangling the complexity of nutritional advices and strategies to choose wisely and healthfully
  • Eat more to loose weight. Busting the myth which advocate the need for restrictive diets.
  • How hidden toxins are contributing to our health issues and a definite guide to detox them.
  • How to create a kickass version of yourself with simple and effective strategies for success with healthy habits and right choices. Nurture and grow the best version of you
  • A DIY guide which is verifiable after a period of one month that provides step by step approach to transform your body, mind and soul to the most vibrant version of you.
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